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“Hey eljay, it's Emz. I just finished flushing my ears about 2 0 and they're kind of really sore right now. They're not very comfortable but I love them but they kinda hurt. I had my Gene Juarez finals last week and I failed. They repeat that part because they said I did great in the book work and I know my stuff but my moods are showing stable. So fuck you bipolar fuck you bipolar manic depressive just sucks. Anyway that's pretty much all I have to say... Oh and I got grounded for not putting the laundry in the dryer so I'm going to see Yes. I'm seeing motherfucking Yes in concert that is all, bye.”

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Because my f-list was getting crazy.

So, I only cut people that I either don't talk to anymore, or who aren't very active. You want back in, comment here.

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Last year, my New Year's Resolutions were as follows:

1.) I will actually focus on my school work.

2.) I will try to be less sarcastic and cynical.

3.) I will not let my views of the opposite sex control my life.

This year, I have one:

I don't want to regret anything I did or did not do.

I'm not going to play the parts others want be to be, I'm going to be true to myself, and I won't hide my feelings for others. I want to look back on 2006 and be happy with it, and not regret anything.

Not a single, fucking thing.

Happy New Year's, all. ♥



Journal is now going to become friends only, due to a privacy issue, so if you want to read, comment, and I'll add you!!!


Some things should probably be kept private...


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You are the color red. You are the most
controversial of all the colors. You are often
easily angered, but as easily as you got
excited, you come down. When angered, do you
have the tendency to be malicious? Afterwards,
do you end up begging for forgiveness? Maybe.
But you're incredibly generous, and, odd
enough, needy. You love to hate, and
sometimes, you hate to love. This color
describes you as generally edgy. When in a bad
situation, you're pessimistic, and when you're
in a good situation, you're extremely
optimistic. You're painfully tempermental, and
sometimes it hurts the ones you love. But with
an exciting and stimulating attitude, you enjoy
talking to people and being social. But aside
from your bold and outgoing attitude, you're
attention-needing and attention-getting. This
color is associated with lust and desire--and
you are both lust and desirous. You're a
protective person when it comes to the people
you love. You're incredibly sharp-witted and
powerful (not to mention intelligent!).

What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate--with pics!)
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Okay, I want everyone to HONESTLY fill this out...I want to know what people think of me, and what I need to change about myself:

What is...
1. My best personality trait?
2. My worst?
3. A quirk of mine that is funny?
4. Something strange I do?
5. The one thing I should do more of?
6. The one thing I should do less of?
7. How caring am I?
8. Have I been living up to full potential?
9. Do you think that I'm easy to talk to?

If you could change...
1. My work ethic?
2. The way I treat people?
3. My views on life?
4. My views on love?

Do you think...
1. I'm self-centered?
2. I'm vain?
3. I use people?
4. I'm loud?
5. I'm too "out there?"

Thanks. Love everyone.
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